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Viva Las Vegas! (it's still f*ck Elvis tho...)

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

The furthest "west" I've been is Dallas, TX. So one can imagine how excited a country, ghetto bitch from South Memphis was to hear that her oldest friend was not only getting married - but that it'd also be a destination wedding in none other than satan's ass crack itself... Las fucking Vegas! Being that we're still in the middle of a pandemic, I was hesitant to book anything for sure, so I drug my feet and waited until the last minute.

*I also tend to travel solo which tends to make things expensive.*

Well... after stalking (and losing out on) several Airbnb's, I finally made up my mind. I was going. Fuck it. I booked a hotel in Downtown Las Vegas - away from The Strip - and a round trip ticket. I was fucking ready! And then the universe laughed in everyone's face.

One week before this wedding was to take place, the same wedding I'd finally allowed myself to get excited about thinking about celebrating my friend and seeing all my old mates from college and the like... it was suddenly cancelled. After confirming this to be true with my friend I had a decision to make: cancel all my reservations and proceed to be refunded OR go anyway. I mentioned earlier that I tend to travel alone, so you already know what I did. I wasn't cancelling shit. Now I could go to Vegas and do all the things EYE wanted without the added pressure of putting on shapewear for a fucking wedding - plus a homie from college lives in Vegas so I knew I'd be ok.

Dawg. Keeping those reservations was probably the best decision I made all 2021 (besides quitting my job and being unemployed all summer). Las Vegas is unlike anything else I've ever seen, truly. The wedding was supposed to take place the day after Thanksgiving, so I really wasn't expecting much. A nigga was simply trying to get some fits off, experience legal marijuana, see the sites and eat good food. Which honestly is all I'm ever tryna do when I go out of town. When I tell y'all Vegas was so jumping it didn't even feel like a holiday weekend??? I'm from the south. Shit shuts down on holidays and we fellowship w/ the niggas we love most... but not in Vegas, chile!

I touched down on Thanksgiving Day and was quickly greeted by my guy at the airport.. and the weather immediately let me know I would NOT be needing my leather jacket. As we drove from the airport to his studio I realized just how small Las Vegas truly was. Just in that short drive, we'd slipped past both The Strip and my hotel in Dwntwn Vegas (the two are not the same). After doing what smokers do, I went to my hotel and baby... the former Real World residence did not disappoint at all!

I booked a stay at The Gold Spike Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas - which is a 10 minute drive from the glitz and glamour that is "The Strip". I instantly realized that this would be my go to hotel whenever in Vegas. I tend to always stumble onto the cool places in any given town and this place was no different. The Gold Spike bills itself as: "An Adults Only Boutique Hotel in the Iconic Downtown Las Vegas" and while I did not get to tour the actual Real World suite, I was still thoroughly impressed by the facility. Downtown Vegas is a bit older than what one tends to expect from The Strip... and yet this location in particular is the go-to for young people looking to have a good time. Anytime I told people I was staying at The Gold Spike I was met with, "Oh?! Fridays are great! You should really enjoy yourself!!!" and they were correct.

I met cool people, ate good food, saw amazing sites and got a chance to catch up w/ an actual real friend. Vegas, my girl... you owe me nothing!

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