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THE YEEHAW AGENDA: Not Your First Rodeo

Updated: May 8, 2019

Some people have a light inside them that can't be extinguished no matter what life throws at them. You've probably seen one before... bouncing through life, radiating such positivity that you felt better just by being in their presence. That is who Kiya Lacey is to me.

I originally met Ms. Lacey through a mutual friend of ours (Hey, NONO!) who invited me to her show at The East Room. A small, damp little venue off the side of another building in East Nashville, I honestly pulled up not expecting much. I think the year was 2013/14... and I was enthralled by the hip-hop scene here and really only went because a friend implored me to. It was easily the BEST decision I made that year. Kiya went from being a child who couldn't even sit next to me at a bar, to someone I love dearly and consider an actual friend of mine (which doesn't happen often or easily).

Multiple shows, photo-shoots, and conversations later... Kiya's now a resident of Black ass Atlanta, GA and has been flourishing musically all whilst keeping her foot firmly planted on Nashville's neck from afar. When I heard she was putting together her first solo event, "Not Your First Rodeo", I gassed up my car and rode the 4 hours to Atlanta to support my friend and I regret nothing. Remember that light I mentioned earlier? It greeted me at the door and shined BRIGHT all night!

Kiya, congrats on a successful event and I'm excited for all the things surely to come your way. Thanks for sharing your friends with me and making Atlanta feel like home! DRIVE THE YACHT, SIS!!


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